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St.John's-St.Margaret's Church (SJSM) has been serving the Dover community since our earliest days. To widen our service further, SJSM is developing an integrated multi‐generation facility within our existing premises at 30 Dover Avenue. This new facility will serve both the young and the elderly, and provide opportunities for inter‐generational bonding between them. We are calling this facility Project Spring‐Winter (PSW).


PSW is the next stage of our community service. It will comprise two major components – Spring, a childcare facility and services; and Winter, a nursing home facility and eldercare services.


PSW’s distinctive vision is for these services to be:

Integrated: Providing opportunities for young and old to interact


Inter-generational: Involving all generations in giving and receiving care, including those in their Summer and Autumn years

Intentional: Deliberate about creating shared experiences across the generations; guided by professional expertise and experience to ensure these interactions are beneficial and life-giving.


Our hope is that through PSW, the elderly will experience companionship, purpose and hope as they engage with the young. The young will learn to honour, serve and love the elderly. The community, including the families served by PSW, will also understand that each generation has dignity and value, and will experience inter-generational living more fully.


JR Builders 'Laying a Foundation'

A project of SJSM's Junior Church, the JR Builders Project was launched on the weekend of 17 and 18 September 2016. The name “JR Builders” represents our Juniors (JR), the SJSM children, playing a part in the PSW building project while learning about values which build up their foundation in Christ.




The initial thought was to give each child a coin bank while teaching them about giving to PSW.  This then grew into a vision of engaging the children in service to the Lord through PSW. The team, comprising members serving in the Junior Church as well as members from one of the SJSM cell groups, then fleshed out the details of the project along with the slogan, “Not small change but a change of heart”.


A key objective of JR Builders is to enhance the link between church and home. From its launch till April 2017, the Junior Church will bring lessons to the children centred around applying the five values of PSW: Unity, Loving, Caring, Giving and Joy.  Parents will play a key role in reinforcing each lesson in Junior Church through practical activities they can do at home with their children. Resources for these activities can be downloaded after each lesson from this link:


Towards the end of this project, the JR Builders will work together to build a structure with the stackable coin boxes given to each child, to be displayed in church as a visual reminder of the children’s participation in PSW. Let us cover the JR Builders Project in prayer and give our fullest support to the children as they embark on this learning journey of faith through engaging in PSW.



LOS ANGELES – Bridging the generation gap is nowhere more evident than in the successful merging of two institutions in Japan and in the United States that are thought to be tasked with diametric missions. The partnership between preschools and nursing homes, which is being closely watched by specialists in both fields, has positive implications for both rapidly aging countries.

Interaction benefits toddlers and elderly alike (Japan Times, 13 Mar 2016, Commentary)


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For the young, we plan to offer pre‐school services comprising a kindergarten/childcare for up to 200 children. For the elderly, we plan to provide a range of services to care for seniors, to help them age well in place. This includes a nursing home that provides nursing and rehabilitation services to seniors, a day centre that can provide day rehabilitation and care services to seniors in the community while their caregivers are at work, as well as home-based care and caregiver training.


We are currently in the process of planning for this development, including its detailed design, and will engage residents further once these are available in a few months’ time. SJSM will take extra care to minimise the impact and inconvenience of the facility development on the

neighbourhood. For instance, vehicles will continue to enter the development via Dover Ave and it will be self‐sufficient in terms of car‐park lots.



Telok Blangah Division is an area with a higher proportion of mature Singaporeans. As of 2014, some 14.1% of its population in this area is already over 65 years old compared to the national average of 11.1%. Therefore, we want to develop eldercare facilities here to better support the needs of the elderly.


We are in the midst of appointing consultants to design the facility, so we are not yet able to advise on its height. However, it will be a high‐rise development that can optimise the space while leaving the existing church buildings intact.



We target to commence the admission to the childcare and eldercare facilities sometime in 2020.



We have yet to work out admission criteria for the preschool and eldercare facilities. However, we expect most of the children and elderly to come from families living in the Dover community. For nursing home beds, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) coordinates referrals and conducts placement for patients requiring a subsidised nursing home bed nationally. AIC will consider patients’ needs and preferences along with the family and social support when assigning nursing home placements (i.e. dietary preferences, location etc). As far as possible, AIC will try to place patients in a nursing home with available beds closest to their residence (or caregiver’s residence).

Where will it be?

Approx. Location of proposed facility

Who will develop it?

SJSM Church is developing PSW as an integrated multi‐generation facility within our existing premises at 30 Dover Avenue. PSW will help meet the needs of the Dover community and the nation, even as it seeks to transform our understanding what “community” means. PSW makes tangible SJSM's mission to be "a witnessing community of praying and caring worshipers". Click here to find out more about SJSM.

SJSM will run the kindergarten/childcare services and operate the eldercare facility in partnership with St Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH). SAMH is an experienced care provider which currently runs St Andrew’s Community Hospital, St Andrew’s Nursing Home, and JOY Connect Senior Care Centre (at Beach Road).



The Mount

IG in Australia

Present Perfect

Seniors Home Brings Young & Old Together

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's news story on "The Mount" (Providence Mt St Vincent Home, Seattle, Washington, USA).


Click here to view video.

Seattle Preschool in a Nursing Home 'Transforms' Elderly Residents


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Intergenerational Playgroups


People with dementia often struggle with social interaction. Intergenerational playgroups bring the elderly and children together, to the benefit of both groups. Australian talk show The Project featured an intergenerational playgroup in Geelong.


Click here to find out more.

Intergenerational playgroups: Uniting the young and young-at-heart in Canberra


Read more here.

The Growing Season

An upcoming documentary by Evan Briggs on Providence Mount St Vincent Home show one example of an excellent intergenerational care facility in Seattle, Washington, USA.


Click here to find out more.


As my family prepared to move house, we planned to sell off whatever items we weren't bringing over. The money would help to defray the cost of moving - an expensive venture anywhere, but especially in Singapore! One weekend, I saw a reminder in the church bulletin about PSW pledges. There was also an article in the Diocesan Digest about donating to the Nepal earthquake relief work. Although my family had already agreed on and submitted out pledge, I felt the Lord prompting me to give more sacrificially. But should I give 20% of the sale proceeds? 50%? As I weighed the options before the Lord, at times rationalising that it would make good sense to reimburse ourselves for the administrative costs at least, it seemed He was askin gme to give it all, to be divided between PSW and Nepal.  Once the decision was made, I felt a great peace konwing that I had obeyed. Eventually we raised a four-figure sum from selling off the items, which will be distributed between PSW and the Nepal earthquake relief effort. - anonymous


The Lord had earlier revealed an amount to my wife and when she asked me how much we will gave, the Lord had also given me the same amount to give. Since we have trusted and listened, we are pleased to obey. - anonymous



During the donation drive, it was the time when I was about the spend on an item that I had been thinking about getting for a while. God impressed up on me to pledge that amount instead of spending on the item. I am glad that I obeyed God’s direction. - anonymous


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"Thus says the LORD of hosts: Old men and old women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each with staff in hand because of great age. And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets."

Zechariah 8:4-5


Integrated. Intergenerational. Intentional.

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