Project Spring-Winter


St.John's-St.Margaret's Church (SJSM) has served the Dover community since our earliest days. Project Spring-Winter is the next stage of our community service. The project will comprise two major components:


Spring, a childcare centre for 200 children (estimated capacity).

Winter, a 273-bed nursing home, and senior day care centre for up to 100 clients


The entire campus, including the current church buildings, will be named St. John’s – St. Margaret’s Village.


SJSM Village will be fully operational in 2021. Our vision is that its services will be:

Integrated: Providing opportunities for young and old to interact

Intergenerational: Involving all generations in giving and receiving care

Intentional: Deliberate in creating shared experiences across the generations; guided by professional expertise and experience to ensure these interactions are beneficial and life-giving


Our hope is that through Project Spring-Winter:

● The elderly will experience companionship, purpose and hope as they engage with the young

● The young will learn to honour, serve and love the elderly

● The community will understand that each generation has dignity and value, and experience intergenerational life

● We in SJSM will grow in faith as we expand in service

The project’s inspiration comes from a Bible passage which describes a vision of the renewed city of Jerusalem:

"Thus says the LORD of hosts: Old men and old women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each with staff in hand because of great age. And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets."

Zechariah 8:4-5


Donations To Nursing Home After 31 March 2020 To Go Towards General Use

Thank you for your partnership on this PSW journey! We are glad to announce that as the target for construction and land lease has been met, PSW donations received after 31 Mar will be channeled to general Nursing Home expenditures.

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  • A. Overview

    1. Why do we need eldercare services here?

    There are many seniors living in the older estates around SJSM – at Dover, Queenstown, Tanglin, Commonwealth and Clementi. In 2014, 14.1% of the population in these areas (Telok Blangah division) were over 65 years old. This is higher than the national average of 11.1%. We can expect the demand for eldercare services to increase as seniors age in these communities. SJSM wants to develop and provide eldercare services to help serve these needs.


    2. When will the services be ready?

    SJSM Village will be fully operational in 2021.


    3. Who will develop and run them?

    St John’s - St Margaret’s Church (SJSM) is developing PSW within our existing premises at 30 Dover Avenue. The campus will be named “SJSM Village”. Click here to find out more about SJSM.


    For the childcare services, SJSM is working towards a partnership with St James Pre-School Services Pte. Ltd. The eldercare facility will be operated in partnership with St Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH). SAMH is an experienced care provider which currently runs St Andrew’s Community Hospital, St Andrew’s Nursing Home, and JOY Connect Senior Care Centre.


    Both eldercare and childcare services will be operated according to regulations and guidelines set by the authorities.


    4. Where will the facilities be located? What will they look like?





    5. Will the public be able to access the facilities freely?

    Once the facilities begin operations, the public are welcome to visit. However, some areas, like the nursing home residential floors, will be restricted to residents, their families and volunteers.  We will place high priority on the safety and wellbeing of the residents, children and staff, and the facilities will be subject to appropriate safety and infection control procedures. Visits can be arranged for members of the public keen to learn more about the services available.


  • B. Eldercare

    6. Who will the nursing home residents and day care clients be? What is their profile?

    The nursing home expects to take in people who are unable to live independently in the community because they require some level of nursing care but do not have caregivers to look after them. We welcome all residents regardless of race and religion, and anyone who may be over 60 years of age. The new nursing home facility will also admit seniors with dementia.


    The day care centre will provide rehabilitative services and social therapy activities for the more ambulatory seniors living around our neighbourhood.


    7. What will the fees be like? Will there be fee subsidies available?

    Fees will be decided closer to the start of operations.


    8. How many staff will eldercare services employ?

    The staff strength will be determined by MOH guidelines. But we expect these talent needs to provide employment opportunities to the community. We also plan to encourage community participation – by rallying volunteers from SJSM, the neighbourhood and nearby educational institutions to support the inter-generational and eldercare programmes on an ongoing basis.


  • C. Childcare

    9. What ages will the childcare services cater for?

    The childcare will serve children aged 2 months to 6 years old. (Infant Care: 2 months to 18 months. Childcare: 18 months to 6 years old.)


    10. Will Dover residents and/or SJSM church members have priority admission?

    Admission will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


    11. What unique features will the SJSM childcare centre have? What curriculum will it use?

    The centre will incorporate regular intergenerational interaction into its programme. Our hope is that this will develop in the children an appreciation for the dignity and value of the older generation as they learn to honour, serve and love the elderly. We will emphasise experiential and values-based education in partnership with the church and the nursing home/senior day care centre.


    12. Will there be the option of half-day morning and afternoon sessions?

    The centre will operate from 7:00am to 7:00pm but there will be provisions for shorter hours to cater for the needs of the individual child.


    13. What will the fees be like?

    Fees will be determined closer to the start of operations in 2021. As a non-profit setup, our intention is to keep fees competitive and affordable so that no child will be deprived of the opportunity to enjoy the quality education and facilities at our premises.


    14. What kind of programmes will St James Pre-School Services run?

    Read more about Little Seeds Preschool here.

  • D. Construction

    14. When will construction begin and end? At what times will construction be carried out?

    We expect construction to start in the first quarter of 2018, and end by late 2020.


    As PSW is located in a residential area, construction work will not take place on Sundays and public holidays. Regular construction work will go on until 7.00pm each day, with only quieter activities until 10.30 pm. The contractors will be required to comply strictly with the noise limits for construction activities set by the National Environment Agency (NEA). NEA will require the main contractor to install noise meters at the HDB blocks to ensure that construction activities do not exceed the permissible noise level during the construction period.


    15. Will the residential and SJSM carparks be affected during construction?

    Once construction begins, the open carpark within SJSM’s premises will no longer be in use. We have made arrangements with Singapore Polytechnic for SJSMers to use their car parks, so we do not expect the residential parking space to be affected.


    16. Will there be traffic congestion? Will it cause inconvenience to residents or the surrounding schools?

    Traffic congestion is not expected to affect the residential areas during construction or after the project is completed. The main road that will see an increase in traffic is Dover Avenue. During construction, the contractor will be required to manage the traffic to minimise congestion.


    17. How will noise, dust and other inconveniences be minimised?

    We will work with the appointed contractor to put in place measures to ensure the safety and well-being of residents. These include controls to reduce noise and dust onsite, as well as procedures to ensure smooth and safe traffic flow. During construction, residents can contact the project hotline at SJSM if they have any feedback.


    18. Will there be construction workers staying onsite?

    No workers will stay on site during the construction phase.


    19. When operational, will the new facilities affect the privacy of the neighbouring HDB blocks?

    The building design will take this into account. There will be a buffer of approximately 4.5 metres along the boundary facing the HDB blocks. This will be planted with lush greenery. There will also be planter boxes along the staircases facing the HDB blocks. The residential areas of the nursing home will face Dover Avenue and away from the HDB blocks.



  • E. Project Cost and Fund Raising

    20. How much will the project cost?

    The total cost is about $80 million. This comprises mainly construction costs, and the cost of renewing the lease on the SJSM land parcel. SJSM will bear $47 million of the total cost.


    21. How is SJSM raising the needed funds?

    We began with SJSM members giving (and continuing to give!) generously towards the project. In 2017 we started reaching out to family, friends, and individual/corporate well-wishers through fundraisers like Project ReachOut (a donation card drive), a gala dinner and a golf event. As at November 2017, we are just past the halfway mark of the $47 million needed.


    22. I want to give to PSW. How do I do that?

    We warmly welcome all contributions of time, talent and treasure! Please go to the 'Give' section below to find out how to make your contribution.


Join us at our next fundraising Gala Dinner


Our 3rd annual PSW Gala Dinner will take place on 23 Apr 2019. To find out more, click here.

Give financially to PSW


Of the $47 million that SJSM needs to raise, most of the funds (90%) are required for the non-nursing home portion. Funds cannot be reassigned from the nursing home to the other components. We encourage donations to be directed to the PSW General Fund as much as possible, because we have reached our target for the nursing home portion where construction is concerned. Directing to the PSW General Fund will help us reach the overall fundraising target more expeditiously.



Since the target for construction and land lease has been met, please note that PSW donations received after 31 Mar will be channeled to general Nursing Home expenditures.

Gifts/donations can be designated to either:


● PSW General Fund:  Please write cheques payable to "SJSM-PSW", or

● Nursing Home: Please write cheques payable to "St Andrew's SJSM Nursing Home" (and submit with this form)


Please mail your cheques to:


PSW Finance, Attention: HOD Finance Dept

 St John’s-St Margaret’s Church

 30 Dover Avenue

 Singapore 139790


You may also consider giving to the PSW General Fund through online banking to the following account:


Name of bank account:    SJSM – PSW

UOB Bank Account:           360-304-155-9

Bank Code:                          7375

Branch Code:                      030


Only funds designated to the Nursing Home are eligible for tax benefits, under St Andrew's Mission Hospital, an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC). Approved donations made during the period 1 Jan 2016 to 31 Dec 2018 will qualify for 250% tax deduction.


For SJSM members, please drop off your donations at the Info Desk. On the first weekend of every month, you may also use the 2nd PSW envelope during the offertory.


Organise a fund-raiser


We warmly welcome your ideas and proposals. Over the past few years, we have been amazed at the diversity of fund-raising projects SJSMers have organised, including the sale of cookbooks, picture books, CDs, coffee, baked goods and handicraft.


For good governance and accountability, fund-raising projects need the go-ahead of the PSW Fund-raising Committee. Please complete this form and we will get back to you.


Give your time and talent


We warmly invite SJSMers to offer what they can, in small or big ways, that will make a difference. Click here to see what the ministry needs are, and to sign up. Alternatively, sign up online.


If you are interested in getting trained in preparation for PSW, find out the options here.


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